John Tegmeyer

John Tegmeyer is an internationally acclaimed clarinetist and composer whose music explores a multitude of genres while continuing the traditions of classical and jazz. A native of New Mexico, Tegmeyer’s interest in music began at a very early age and was fostered through the guidance of several influential teachers on piano, then clarinet, and later saxophone.

During his formative years, Tegmeyer spent countless hours studying, listening, and practicing music.After receiving his bachelor’s degree in clarinet performance from West Texas A&M University, Tegmeyer moved to Los Angeles where he began his professional career as a freelance musician and composer.

Since his move, he has performed and recorded with a wide range of noted performers and ensembles including Justo Almario, Katisse Buckingham, Jimmy Branly, Ron Feuer, William Galison, Larry Koonse, Edwin Livingston, the Nick Mancini Collective, Bryan Pezzone, Prince, Carol Robbins, Otmaro Ruiz, Robert Russell, Ben Wendel, and Nate Wood.