to those who joined us for

Pasadena’s Third Annual Schubertiade!

Our third festival included five concerts performed by the finest local artists in beautiful Pasadena venues.

We will post photos from this season soon.

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Pasadena Schubertiade - 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd.  Pasadena, CA 91103  (626) 765-4027

Pasadena Schubertiade is produced by Pasadena Pro Musica a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Pasadena Schubertiade and Pasadena Pro Musica are supported in part by generous individual donors, as well as grants from Pasadena Arts and Cultural Affairs, Pasadena Community Foundation, and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.


Ishani Bhoola, Agnes Gottschewski on violins, and co-founder Christina Soule on the cello

Erik Rynearson on the Viola

The audience enjoyed the personalized historical tidbits made by the artists

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Tenor David Kaiser and 2013 Lieder Competition winner Elizabeth Krestyn entertain the standing room only ART NIGHT crowd.